Flir FX HD Camera and Free App

Flir FX HD Camera and Free App

product code: FXV101-H-NA

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Flir FX HD Camera and Free App

  • Records full 160° 1080p HD video and up to 30 FPS
  • Suitable for an 8GB to 64GB microSD card
  • Rechargeable batteries for upto 4 hours use
  • RapidRecap allows you to review hours of footage in seconds
  • SmartZone lets you set up motion detection zones and alerts

The FLIR FX is a versatile wireless HD camera that allows you to record in 160° 1080p HD video, up to 30 FPS and comes with a Free App for iPhone or Android that unlocks some amazing features. There is a lot of game-changing technologies used to create such a great a product such as RapidRecap, SmartZone, Wi-Fi connectivity, and countless exclusive features. The FLIR FX offers unparalleled performance that can be used as a premium HD home security camera that gives you the peace of mind while your away. RapidRecap compiles hours worth of activity into a short video summary that helps you review footage a lot more efficiently. Pedestrians, animals and vehicles are superimposed, each with an identifying time stamp. This is powerful technology that was previously only available to elite law enforcement agencies, making it easy to quickly see everything that happened over a period of time in a single condensed video. Using SmartZone recordings and alerts happen only in your specified area with motion-sensing technology. Using the FLIR FX app, you select the areas you want to monitor. When an object moves inside the SmartZone area, you will receive a notification on your smartphone or tablet, and the camera will record. Not only does the FLIR FX do all these but you can use it as a Outdoor Security Camera, HD Car Dashcam and HD Sports Camera, please check all these additions on TNS Online.

Name Flir FX HD Camera and Free App
Brief Description Flir FX HD Camera and Free App
Brand FLIR
UPC 841430009832
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price €199.99

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