Beddit App Enhanced Sleep Monitor


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Beddit App Enhanced Sleep Monitor

  • Clinically Validated
  • Fits under sheet, Nothing awkward to wear
  • Tracks Movement, Heartrate and Breathing
  • All tracked on the App
  • Apple Watch compatible

Beddit gives you the chance to know how you're sleeping and make it better. When you sleep better you live better. Simple to use Beddit is placed directly on your mattress, under the sheets so that you won't notice it. The sensor strip is ultra-thin and fits perfectly into all kinds of beds. Just place the Beddit right under your bed sheet and sleep on it. You don’t have to wear any sensors on your body or sleep with your phone. The Beddit 2.0 App has been designed for simplicity with detailed information and easy-to-understand explanations behind the data. Beddit’s data set is the most complete as it includes everything from a heart rate graph with minimum, maximum, and total HR averages, sleep remarks based on nightly and multi-night information, restless sleep score and breathing frequency. You can visualise your sleep cycles, night time events and snoring in the Beddit timeline.

Name Beddit App Enhanced Sleep Monitor
Brief Description -
Brand Beddit
Features No
part numbers 6430044900525-NA
EAN 6430044900525
UPC 6430044900525
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price €149.95

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